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Journaling for Creative Mindfulness

This weekly therapy group will enrich your journaling process to make it less of a recording device and more of an expansive experience where emotions, events, and dreams interact to create a vibrant psychological landscape. Throughout the weeks you'll become attuned to the presence of your life, using aspects of perception and imagination. You will get a variety of prompts and tools to make your journaling more dynamic, and also a place to connect with others who will hold you accountable to the practice of writing. Don't forget your journal and favorite pens. 

Literature-Driven Group Therapy

Literature-Driven Group Therapy uses books as a key to access charged topics such as life-purpose, trauma, grief, relationships, loneliness, and disenfranchisement. Stories are the way we bear witness to each other’s lives. Through reading and conversation we see our own experience as a narrative with meaning and richness. This group will be therapist-facilitated conversation to encourage connection and vulnerability as we talk about literature, and bring our internal reading experience into explicit relationship with others. We will meet monthly discuss a book highlighting a chosen phenomenon.

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