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Thoughtful Conversations

These are some podcasts that I found illuminating about the pandemic, loneliness, childhood misattunement, grief, emotional intelligence, betrayal trauma, and a lot more. Feel free to listen to the episodes that speak to you. 

Self-Care and Safety Planning 

Fundamentals for Mental Health

Here are some resources that could be helpful if your emotional world is feeling out of control or you are struggling with the basics of self care, emotion regulation, or distress tolerance. If you have questions how to use any of these documents, let me know and we can walk through it together. 


Playlists for Mindfulness and Recovery

Get present with some guided meditations! Check out the Spotify playlist for some meditations for sleep, relaxation, thought defusion, and visualization exercises like body scanning or imagining your safe space. Plus, there are a few stories read aloud including an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland. 

Below that are some links to a couple meditation playlists through Insight Timer specifically for individuals in addiction recovery. You can access them without the Insight Timer app. 

Links to Meditations on Recovery through
Insight Timer:



Homework & In-Session Exercises

Here you will find exercises that usually accompany some additional instruction during our session. I have either assigned one of these to you as homework, we are in session and I have referred you to one of these documents, or you have stumbled across this part of my website and you are curious. Feel free to peruse, but some of the exercises might not make much sense without more guidance. 

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